If you know the wereabouts of any of these classmates, please email  pam_gehle@bellsouth.net  or Call 904 778 1510

               Pam, Class of 69


Name of Classmate Last Known Name
Armstrong, Rebecca  Pierce, Rebecca
Brand, Jennifer
Brown, Lynn
Cook, Joann
Cook, Lynn
Fouriner, Beth  Holloway, Beth
Garrison, Orvieta 
Hand, Rose
Herring, Connie Wiggins, Connie
Hogan, Gayle 
Jones, Gail Logan, Gail
Luck, Ruby 
McCloud, Tanya  McClain, Tanya
Norton, Linda 
Phillips, Pam Mullis, Pam
Pullen, Pam 
Rowe, June 
Scott, Shirley Palmer, Shirley
Wilbanks, Stephen
Zambito, Frankie