Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 10:18 PM

Recieved Gail Johns
For anyone here in Jacksonville who saw the article in the Times Union about the Firefighter who donated his kidney to a fellow firefigher last month, that was my son Jimmy Sparks, For an update, he and the recipient John are doing great!. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
recieved from Judy wiggins
Hi Mike,  I got your email about Jimmy Aslan.  Thanks so much for keeping us informed.  Where does Jimmy and Lisa live?  Greg and I are in W. Palm not too far from the Cape.  Greg and I wouldn't mind driving up to see him. 
Thank you,
recieved from Glenda Padgett Brantley
I did not get to go to the 40th re-union.  Do you have pictures?  If so, please send.

Thanks,Glenda Padgett Brantley

recieved fromCathy Farmer

Thank you for including me in the updates.  I appreciate the efforts you are making to keep everyone back in touch.        Cathy Farmer Sokol

recieved from Shirley Bowen 

So sorry we were unable to join you guys. I know it must have really meant a lot to Jimmy!