Date: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 8:49 AM

Yesterday Gary Faircloth got a few of us together to give a surprise visit to Jimmy Aslan down near Cape   Canaveral.  Going on the ROAD TRIP was; John & Kather Teeter, Jimmy & Linda Dawson, Roberta Stephenson-Lee, Gayr and myself.  We met Donna Aslan and David the fisherman along the way.  Jimmy aslan and his wife Lisa along with their Daughter and Son were there at the house.
The trip started for some of us at 7:14am and ended just before midnight. Jimmy was in good spirits and consumed a few "spirits" while we were there.

Coincidentally  I received this e-mail from Jimmy a day or so before the planned trip.
this came from Jimmy Aslan;
Jimmy is very sick and there is little that can be done. He wants to write a book of his early life in school.;
 Dear Class of 69,

 Just a quick note to everyone that came to the 40th yr reunion, I would be very grateful to those of you that have a Jim Aslan story that would send them to me at I take whatever media you want to use video, DVD, cassette cell phone video. Hopefully this will keep me busy during the day.


Please forward the request to anyone you may know that he or she might have a JAS-JimmyAslanStory.

Thank you for your help in this project and Thanks for the prayers.
Jim Aslan
Phone #     321 674-0342
Cell #         321 604-8398
Magicjack   321 327-9791
 this was received from KATHIE TODD-MONK
 Hi Mike.  Just became a new grandma for the 4th time.  Little girl this time.  The other 3 are boys.  Ayla Elizabeth came in weighing in at 9lbs.3oz.  Other grandkids are Kelon 3 1/2, Caleb 3, Jase 20 months and now the new little girl.  Gotta love life
this was received from Lynne Sullivan
Can you tell me if you know anything of Carol Walters?  She was in band.
Lynne Sullivan-Sternett
this was received from Edward L. Weinberg
Good Morning Michael S.
Yes, there were too many no-shows at the re-union.  I hope that John Teeter and Gary Faircloth are doing better.  How is James Aslan doing with his situation?  I think that his E-Mail address is j.aslan@
The Mooseman  Alias:  Edward L. Weinberg
P/S   Sad to hear about Elaine Hendrixs-Caine's daughter passing away @ that age.
If anyone knows any e-mails of someone in our class, please forward this to me along with their name so they can be included with these updates.
My goal is to eventually have at least 400 graduates on this forum.
Later,  Michael Sermons